Bulletproof Airbrush Makeup

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A Professional Airbrush product and application technique for high definition broadcast.  Includes the short film "Bulletproof"starring the character Agent J.A.X., produced by Underdog Entertainment.

The Future is Flawless
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Exclusively by Facez
Jacqueline Catanese
In the near distant future, Special Agent J.A.X. battles the forces of the Facez Cosmetics Corporation to retrieve the highly guarded and valuable Bulletproof Airbrush Makeup Formula.  With the secret formula in hand, J.A.X. can share flawless skin with the world.  But Facez has a surprise in store -- and Agent J.A.X. finds herself in the fight for her life...

Produced by Underdog Entertainment

A sci fi short film featuring bulletproof airbrush makeup

Produced by Underdog Entertainment
Daniel Azarian, director.  Joe Orlowski, Editor.  Doug Thompson, lead 3D artist. Michael Damon, Original Score.  William Miller  Max Shuppert Cinematography Coloring Steve Calalang

Post Logic, The Field

Creative Director, Advertising Agency, Boutique Agency, Science Fiction, Sci-fi, The Matrix, Ultra Violet, Aeon Flux, Vinyl, Catsuit, Filmmaking, commercial, spot, long form commercial, independent film Agent Jax  Agent J.A.X.

Music by Michael Bozzo

Professional Makeup specifically created for Hi-Def Broadcast Applications


A formula & application technique exclusively available from Facez, LLC.  It offers a long lasting, high coverage 
finish that is resilient to moisture & provides firm adherence to your skin.  It will last until you take it off.  Excellent for all-day affairs such as weddings, celebrations, formal and red carpet events.

The airbrush makeup technique disperses a fine mist to the face resulting in natural looking skin tone with a flawless texture.  Provides expert contouring and highlighting.  This reduces the appearance of skin and structure flaws, while accentuating natural beauty through the use of multiple application techniques.

As we enter the High definition age, photography and video technology now captures explicit detail as never seen before.  That is why Bulletproof Airbrush makeup goes hand in hand as we enter this new era.  Bulletproof Airbrush Makeup provides a smooth, even look that reduces shadows and skin flaws and optimizes your look on-camera.

With 35mm photography & High Definition Video the smallest details are captured  
including streaking associated with brushes and sponges.  This can go undetected to the naked eye but is magnified to the forefront via High Definition resolution.

Bulletproof Airbrush Makeup atomizes into tiny pixels that can be layered over a person’s face.  An absolutely 
flawless finish can be achieved that can make a person’s face look young and radiant.

Unlike conventional foundation, Bulletproof Airbrush Makeup never cakes,  cracks and goes on very light.  It lasts very long with out touching up, so it is perfect for all day affairs such as weddings and formal events.

Get Lashed
Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions
The process: We adhere one lash at a time onto your existing natural lash.
The Result:
Long, Lush, Weightless Lashes
The Look:
Natural, Sensual, Beautiful, You.

Facez also provides Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions.  The process involves adhering one synthetic lash at a time onto the existing natural lash.  This results in long, lush, weightless lashes that appears natural.

Extended eyelashes can last up to two months or longer.  When natural eyelashes fall off due to the natural growth cycle, a touch up is needed to replenish fallen lashes.  Eyelashes also come in various lengths and colors

Bridal/Bridal Party
Formal Events
Photo Shoots
High Definition Broadcast
Film Television

Semi permanent eyelash extensions are ideal for film/television productions, for once applied, the extended lashes can last up to two months.  Meaning lead talent can have lashes applied once during the start of the production, and then touched up a minimal amount of times during the shooting schedule.

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